Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Teleport bracelets and Timelash

The latest Horizon club newsletter is offering:

Teleport bracelets made by Martin Bower, the guy who designed and made them for the series. I own one from the last time he made some. Yeah, they're expensive, but how could I resist? If you don't have huge Gan-like hands though, you do need to add foam rubber to the inside or you keep losing them just like the cast did.

Signed first day covers. I have no idea what a first day cover is. [Edit] OK, I do now, but the stamps on them don't look like B7 or DW ones. Anyway, they have three of them: Bayban and Avon (Avon when it was Vila's ep?), Servalan, and a Doctor Who: Timelash one signed, like the first one, by Colin Baker and Paul Darrow. I find this pretty funny because I just read andrastewhite's post about the worst DW episode ever and Timelash (which I've never seen) is a prime contender.

Tags: blake's 7, doctor who
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