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The Way Back to Blake's 7

A few people here are rewatching Blake's 7, and some of them are doing so because of kerravonsen's excellent idea of reviving the moribund B7 mailing list 'The Lyst' by watching and discussing an episode a week. Several Lyst members including me have jumped at the chance. I've been rather slack myself and have in the last couple of years only broken my DVDs out to check the occasional scene for a story. I really need to get back into it again, and an ep a week (with one definite exception in my case, still unwatched in its entirety) is very doable.

We begin this week with 'The Way Back' and start discussion on Monday the 10th. If anyone's interested in joining us on the Lyst, here's the sign-up and FAQ page. Note though that the posting address is wrong is completely valid, but the new one is

[Edit] The address on that page works fine, as does the new one I gave. I got confused with another mailing list whose old address no longer works.

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