Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The Beatgirls and cryptic film titles

We're going to see The Beatgirls tonight at the Wintergarden, that wonderful 20s cocktail lounge in the Civic Theatre I posted about not long ago, the perfect venue for a retro group like them. Greg booked for tonight because he could get a table at the front, which means it will be a rush to get from work to the hair salon (which I booked last month), then home to treat Tessa's eye, then into town. :-P But it will be fun once I'm there and can relax with cool music from the past decades accompanied with cocktails.

I will not therefore be drawing anything today, but there will be an art post when I get home. I now have earring supplies.

Oh and Doctor Who fans? Take a look at redscharlach's cryptic film titles, all made with her Hello DW icons. Have a go without looking at the answers in the comments. Number four is still unguessed at time of typing, and I can't figure (ha!) it out. Maybe you can!

Tags: doctor who, links
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