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"Looks like" meme

From shimere277, a Google yourself meme:Type "[your name] looks like" into Google and see what you get.

Nico seems to make runs for it over his own gate quite a lot--I have no idea why--and it also turned up a lot of guys, so I did my full name too. Here's a mix of both.

  • Nico looks like a shipwreck, smokes incessantly and is still alluring with her trademark Teutonic lisp and Marlene Dietrich baritone. [Bwahahaha! I've never smoked in my life, but I like this.]
  • Nico looks like a girl. [This was not always so: I spent most of my childhood impersonating a boy.]
  • Nico looks like a panda after that fight. [Not the face, not the face!]
  • Nico looks like she's a playable character again! [I am indeed: Nico the elven thief.]
  • Nico looks like my sister. [Well, yes, we are related.]

  • Nicola looks like she's having a fit! [I do not! That's cappuccino foam!]
  • Nicola looks like a spy in a raincoat, wet brunette hair, dripping umbrella. [I bet she's the one with the Marlene Dietrich voice.]
  • Nicola looks like she wants to kill. [I wouldn't hurt a fly. Well, I would actually; I hate those things.]
  • Nicola looks like a frogman. [Ummm. All right, you must have caught me doing my well-known Cardassian impression.]
  • Nicola looks like the Joker out of Batman. [Again with the wide-mouthed frog aspersions!]
  • Nicola looks like a typical summer's day. [Now that I like. I'm stopping here.]
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