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Through the Stargate

[blinks to clear misty eyes] I just watched the last SG1 episode.

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to watch it when I realised they'd been there for 20 years and might die there; I knew it would get worse. That was just so claustrophobic and sad and... at one point I had to look at a curtain and blind catalogue to take my mind off how awful it was for them. I had no idea how they'd get out of that time bubble, but having the one person who was relatively unaged was a nice solution and also meant that it wasn't a complete rewind and reset. Because that would have cheapened all those long years of sacrifice.

You know, I made it all the way through without tearing up till Teal'c said, "Good things come to those who wait." Oh, damn, Teal'c. You got me with that one, and your "Indeed" which almost ended the series. I'm going to miss you all. I hope Daniel and Vala realise and admit how they feel about each other this time round too; we had a hint they would with their "Life is short."

Vale Vala et al.

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