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Update on Tessa

I took Tessa back to the eye surgeon today for a check up. I couldn't look while he did Farscape-y things to her eye, but he said it looks good, and gave me some more ointment for it. He'll see her in a month by which time the stitches will have dissolved. The graft has taken well, though it's more raised than he thought it would be. He might prescribe something to reduce it if it's still not flush in a month.

So anyway, that's a relief. Though Tessa apparently wasn't in any discomfort, she cried in protest that she was back there again, and was delighted when I took her home with me. They're bright cats, all of them; they cheer up as soon as I put them back in the cage because they know it means Home.

And now I have to cast an eye--well, two actually--over my Russian verbs for class tonight. My friend has deserted me so I'm going alone from now on while she goes diving, and the whole thing was her idea. :-( Actually, I'm considering signing on for the intermediate course next term.

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