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Testing 1 2 3

This is my first entry in my brand-new LJ, so this is mainly a test to see what it looks like.

I had all sorts of inventive ideas for a username based on my own name, various nicknames, or clever wordplays, but they were all taken. Even Spitfire, which I was called in primary school because of my love for WW2 fighter planes--took me ages to find out the other meaning. So I've taken the easy route and just used my yahoo ID, which is Vilakins, a pet name for my favourite Blake's 7 character, Vila Restal. And yes, my icon is him as well, the same cute pic of him I have on my fan-fiction site.

I've had fun setting up my site's theme, but I have yet to find out how to do links and add pics to the journal. Do you need to download a client for that, or is the web update adequate, I wonder?
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