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Good Things

I got an SH22 DVD from spacefall in the mail today, wrapped in brown paper covered with fluffy-tailed bunnies. Yay!

kernezelda gave me a virtual gift! It's my first. [bounce] Thank you!

Perhaps not so nice for him: vila_restal got some handcuffs from someone called Servalan. :-)

I bought another ceramic lizard from the local Mexican cafe which also sells Mexican gifts (and was full of Mexican diners today). It's something else I can have a go at drawing too.

I'm treating myself to a massage at the Balinese spa shortly. Mmmmmmm. These are all Good Things.

I really have to learn my puppet show lines though. I'm playing a Northern English squirrel and also operating the lamb because it gets too cramped back there if everyone works their own puppets. I know because we did last time and it was like a rugby scrum. But hey, as with studying for exams, Just In Time is my motto. :-P

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