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When I was looking forward to a night with nothing to do (after working late too), I forgot I was one of the 15,000 randomly chosen from the country's population to do the 5-yearly health survey. Bah. I did my duty: 90 minutes of personal questions about my health and habits which I found rather uncomfortable while Tessa, who sat on my lap and purred, didn't.

The eye surgeon BTW said she's doing very well when I rang him today and described the appearance of the graft to him. Bright red means lots of blood supply, so that's a Good Thing and a relief.

I have no idea what I'm going to draw today for MaArMaMo in the little time I have left free. Maybe I'll prove how bad I am with my left hand. I have enough plushies to draw one a day till the end of the month [hangs head] but I plan to do only two more, so I'll happily take suggestions for future topics and styles though I won't necessarily promise to do them. :-)

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