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New tech, and Tessa update

Woot, new shower! The one I use, in the guest bathroom (because Greg has the one in ours set to hot, hotter, and hottest), had got so temperamental it took me up to five unites of turning and wiggling the mixer to get the temperature right, and I finally got so fed up, I called the local plumber. He came today, and I now have:

  • a new mixer that will adjust the temperature and the flow;
  • a slider bar so I can have the shower rose at any height;
  • a detachable Satinjet shower rose (the Futura model) that will do a soft wide shower or a concentrated massage one -- and it uses 40% less water.
OK, I know many if not most of you have had this technology for years. Little luxuries like this are greatly pleasing to a Delta though.

And for those wondering how Tessa is, she's happy, warm, and pampered (except when we're trying to pill her) and her eye seems to be doing fine. It has a reddish bit in the outer corner which is the corneal graft, but I believe that will turn white. She doesn't mind the eye treatments I'm giving her, and as for the usual battle to get pills down her, I have only just learned that if you pull a cat's head back far enough, their mouths open. Something new each day!
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