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Teddy the Cornish--no, Devon--Rex

I took these photos over a week ago, but I've only got round to sorting them out and uploading them. Besides, I wasn't that keen on doing a cat post when I was so worried about my own one.

Teddy (his name is on his collar) is a one-year-old cat who visits the office from the next block to look for company. This would be very cute, but:
1) my boss is very allergic to cats
2) Teddy's a loudly demanding little guy who wants attention now and will do anything to get it. :-)

He has disrupted meetings by yowling at the door so loudly, the speaker was distracted and unnerved. If I let him into my room to get him away from visitors whom he regards as sport, he runs about the place crying till I pick him up. It was not easy to get these photos because he's in constant motion.

[Edit] I thought he was a Cornish Rex because that was the only cat I knew of with a curly coat, but he turns out to be a Devon Rex; his face (narrow with big eyes and ears) matches.

If you haven't seen a Cornish Devon Rex before, you might like to see what one looks like. I got a good one of his face.

He has curly fur which feels really like tiger cub fur because of the change in texture as you run your hands over it. It's thin enough for me to feel his body heat and wiry little muscles through it. [Edit] He's missing the top 'guard' coat of fur, so it seems he has one more coat than the Cornish Rex which only has the bottom down layer.

I'm also not too worried about this little guy getting run over because he's terrified of cars; he only crosses the road if there isn't a moving vehicle in sight. BTW his owner told me he has a sister called Tessa (!) whom I've never seen because she doesn't wander from home.

Action shots of Teddy the Devon Rex

A failed attempt to get a photo of his face while someone held him still

Writhing at the top of the stairs

I put him on a chair to confine him to one place :-)

He still wouldn't keep still...

...but by taking lots of photos, I fluked one where he was looking at me. Note the motion-blurred tail. :-)

Butter wouldn't melt, oh no...

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