Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Things that made me smile

Here are three things that made me smile today (not an easy task) while I wait to hear about Tessa.

Reports that Lord Lucan is living rough outside Marton in a Land Rover with a cat and a pet possum. For some reason this tickles me immensely.

Greg has large fingers and I tease him that he can't get jaffas out of a packet and marvel that he doesn't hit several keys at once. He blames his Bulgarian father, and today he showed me the CD of Bulgarian folk music he borrowed from his sister: all the musicians on the cover have huge sausage-like fingers!

And welcome to nautile26 who is new to LJ. She lists the following in her interests: "blakes 7, drake's venture, fanfiction, kerr avon, science fiction, thomas doughtie, vila restal", so she fits in extremely well here (and has impeccable taste). :-D

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