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Tessa again

Tessa is now at the eye surgeon's. I was wrong before BTW; she had a partially detached cornea last time, not a retina, and that was apparently a fairly minor op. This one isn't.

She had a small scratch on her cornea--which would normally heal up OK, but a bad bacteria got into it and has eaten away part of the cornea. She's close to losing her eye, but he said, "Not if I can help it". She's going on intensive and strong antibiotics to kill the infection, then tomorrow he'll cut off the dead bits and graft a piece of the white onto it which will have a healthy blood supply. If all goes well, she'll have a white bit over part of her eye, but will still have binocular vision. If it doesn't, she'll have one eye. Either way, she'll no longer be the golden-eyed beauty she was, to anyone but me. [cries] She'll always be beautiful to me, and she's such a loveable, gentle soul.

When I said she was absolutely fine on Monday , he said it was just bad luck and an a scratch can go really bad in just 12 hours. I'm still really angry with myself for not checking her on Tuesday morning, but they often stay in their bed when it's cold. OK, so I'm angry about the bad luck then. I've had a run of it lately, but this is the worst so far.

I pick her up tomorrow. This guy is good so I should have hope that the eye will be saved. It's not easy though.

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