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The wrong trousers, I mean month

I have to say that August is not a good month to be doing a daily art challenge in. My weekday evenings seem to be much busier than usual. For example, the next three (starting tonight) are:

  • picking Greg up from the airport
  • children's puppet show rehearsal (yes, I'm doing that again; it was easy to say yes a few months ago, but I have to admit it's fun)
  • Russian class.
Coming up next week are:
  • an art lecture
  • a fund-raiser celebrity chef cooking demo I bought a ticket to two months ago
  • Russian class
  • more puppet show rehearsals
All of these things are very good things, but all together? And what's worse, all of this is in the dead of winter. I hate going out on winter nights, not just because it's cold, but because road markings disappear completely on wet roads here, and this makes me very nervous.

Oh yes and I also have to write my story for the stupid Hirothon that I thought--wrongly--was a good idea. At least there won't be much work in putting up a link post for about three stories. :-P
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