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A couple of months ago I glimpsed a guy who looked like Hiro driving away from the carpark at the local mall. I can't remember if I posted about it here, but I know I mentioned it to Astro. Anyway, he works at Foodtown (a supermarket) and I went to his checkout yesterday. And he does look like Hiro! He must have thought I was really friendly for grinning at him the whole time. He didn't have a name tag, so... nah.

I went to my second Russian class this week, and I think I'm starting to get it. For some reason though, the teacher felt driven to teach us Russian handwriting, which is even worse than the old-style German elderly people over there use: everything looks like e's, m's, and m's. Here's a good example. I've learned Hebrew writing which actually resembles the printed letters in a rounded way, but I'll stick to printing in Russian, thanks. Oddly though, their italics are often not just slanted, but in some cases totally different. For example the equivalent of G, which looks a bit like a gamma, turns into a small z in italics, and I was puzzled by the sudden appearance of unknown and new letters.

I took the opportunity to try the Russian phrases an uncle taught me when I was about nine on the teacher, and she said they were word-perfect but were so formal and pedantic that only an old professor would talk like that. :-) No wonder any Russians I've used them on responded with a flood of incomprehensible speech; they probably thought I was an academic.

Despite today's stormy weather that made me want to stay home, I went to the Food Show. This is always fun because you get enough free samples to make up for the $20 admission, plus you find out about interesting new products and companies. Today's best find was Fry's (easy to remember for a Futurama fan) who make delicious vegetarian chilli burgers, schnitzel, sausages, and a shepherd's pie, perfect comfort food for winter. I bought: some more Swiss knives and a sharpener; ginger oat cakes; Bennett's chocolates; some instant miso (veges too, not just the base) and some seaweed to add to it; some roasted seeds (I love them in salads); and Crocs! Yes, there was, incongruously, a Crocs stand, the only thing which had nothing to do with food or kitchens, and I got a brown and a black pair for winter. I now have six pairs of them; lovely, comfortable (if clodhoppery-looking) shoes.

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