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Darth Avon?

I too did the MBTI test, plus the multiple intelligences one they have on the same site.

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Yep, still INTP, but I'm usually more P and occasionally less T in other tests. I think I got a bit more J in there this time because they asked about work, and I'm a lot more efficient and organised there than at home.

According to their description of an INTP, I'm an 'engineer' or a 'wizard' who is easy-going and amenable until crossed, a thinker who prefers to come up with the ideas and let someone else do the work, and is familiar with the dark side. [breathes heavily] I note they list Avon as a fictional example along with Data and Seven of Nine, which is unexpected and very cool. I do actually have a pump-action gun, but it only fires water.

As for the other one, that sounds about right too; I'm a nerdy klutz. Or klutzy nerd; take your pick.

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