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Final Harry Potter thoughts

Here are some final thoughts and my personal Harry Potter fanon.

What I think happened to them all

First of all, as I said in comments in my previous post, mothers don't have to be full-time. I know very, very few myself--most mothers [have to] have jobs or careers in this country--and besides, witches have spells and house-elves. :-)

Harry became an Auror. He wanted to, there's still evil around, and I'm guessing from the very last bit that he thinks he hasn't seen the last of Voldemort (though I thought what remained of his twisted, flayed little soul would end up permanently in King's Cross or on some disused line).

Ginny I don't know so much about, but she had a sense of mischief in OotP so she's George's partner (in business and fun) in the joke shop in Diagon Alley, only a quick floo trip away while the devoted Kreacher looks after the children.

Ron works in the Ministry of Magic in Muggle Affairs and is on the list for the PM advisor job in the future.

Hermione researches and writes erudite books on magic, and several of her text books are in use at Hogwarts. Her very well-treated and paid house-elves take care of all the housework and looking after children, but she's there in the evening to help with their Muggle school homework and tell them stories from her anthology Muggle Stories of Magic which was on the best-seller list for three years.

Professor McGonagall is headmistress of Hogwarts, and people are already saying she is as great (and beloved) as Dumbledore.

A portrait of Snape hangs in the Slytherin common room and his often snarky and biting conversations are beginning to influence some house members to realise that love and friendship and what is right are as important as ambition and pride--which are not bad things in themselves either.

Hagrid still raises strange creatures in his hut, aided and abetted by Grawp (who is very good at capture) and his friend Luna (see below).

As for what happened to Luna, I can do no better than what sorsha_khan said. "She spent most of her summers dreaming around Ireland in search of Snagglefruks, Oura Beetles and Kleffs to bring back to Hogwarts, where she'd taken over Care of Magical Creatures after Hagrid retired. All the kids agree that Madam Longbottom is the weirdest teacher in a school of weird teachers...". :-D

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