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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows despite a busy week and some bad RL stuff. It took my mind off things nicely.

First of all: I was right about Dumbledore and Snape setting it up because D was already dying from his injury in my post on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I also guessed who RAB was (along with several others) though the fact 'Regulus' means 'prince appears not to be significant. I'm sorry that my musings on the Houses in that post came to naught though.

OK, on to this book.


Love and self-sacrifice were the obvious themes, and though I don't like dark and bleak, I thought the deaths were necessary. Deaths happen in war, and if Voldemort and the death-eaters were to be powerful opponents that would make Harry's self-sacrifice meaningful, we had to see the consequences. Without them, I don't think Harry's willingness to give up his life for his friends would have had the impact it did. All the same, I was sorry for each one, esp the sundering of the twins, the orphaning of Teddy, and even poor Hedwig who wasn't a happy owl in the last days of her life. But I'm so glad Hagrid survived.

There were no real surprises for me in Snape's story, except that I had no idea the doe patronus was his, though I did think it was connected with Lily. I also expected him to stand up to Voldemort more obviously at the end in some big moment of revelation, though his actions did fit with what he and Dumbledore had planned.

I liked how much Harry grows up throughout the book, starting with his kindness to Kreacher.

And there was Luna! And valiant Neville being part of Voldemort's downfall as was sort of predicted at some stage; go Neville! Oh and the tigress Mrs Weasley. :-D

And a full-blood Scorpius, bwahahaha! [/Farscape]

Oh yes, and that odd cover with them all red and blotchy was explained. :-P


The aimless wandering around with the tent bored me. I'd have cut that in length of prose and time; I began to wonder when Harry might actually do something.

None of the Slytherins stayed to fight. We've seen some good Slytherins (Snape and Slughorn), and if their defining characteristics are ambition and pride, those don't equate to evil. Surely some would have stood against Voldemort.

I've never really seen what Harry loves in Ginny. She was never fleshed out for me; telling us that she 'blazes' is not just enough. I can see why anyone would love Harry or Ron or Hermione or indeed Neville and Luna, but Ginny is almost faceless to me.

The 'tinkly bit' at the end was an anti-climax. OK, life goes on, but so banally? It's nice to know that Hogwarts survives, but I'd have liked to see some changes like a different perception of Slytherin by themselves and the others. I'd also like to know who brought up Teddy, what Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron do besides having kids, how George managed without Fred, and what happened to our wonderful Luna.

But hey, all-in-all it was a satisfying conclusion to the series.

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