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Film: Paprika

Paprika is from director Kon Satoshi who made the wonderfulTokyo Godfathers which gets a visual mention at the end. Of the three Japanese animated films I've seen in this festival, this is the most visually stunning. The faces in particular are amazing, from realistic and run from beautiful to grotesque.

The plot is SF: a group of researchers have developed the DC Mini which enables psychotherapists to enter and alter people's dreams, but when one is stolen, dreams begin to overlap, merge, and take over people minds even when they're awake; the line between reality and dreams is broken. Paprika is the vivacious red-haired dream alter-ego of buttoned-down psychotherapist Dr Atsuko Chiba; who must find out who has stolen the DC Mini and repair the damage to reality. Other characters include a secret film-buff cop who is consulting Paprika in his dreams or in a virtual bar on the internet, and Chiba's colleagues (a nerd described as a child in a genius's body, a round little doctor, the wheelchair-bound Chairman, and his handsome lackey).. Despite the dreamlike nature of much of the film, it's never hard to follow and is a thrilling and visually amazing ride with some fabulous and often witty visual tricks. And besides, the nerd gets the girl. :-)

I only have a collection of short animation to see next weekend now (which I won't review). I would once have booked for around 12 films, but several I wanted to see I know will come back to the Rialto which specialises in indy and foreign films.

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