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Film: This is New Zealand

This afternoon we went to see a ground-breaking and wordless NZ film, This is New Zealand, made in 1969 for the 1970 Expo in Japan. I saw it many years later in the UK, but till now it hasn't been shown that much because it needs three screens. I thought it might have dated, but damned if it didn't give me goosebumps all over again as we soared over the Alps to the intermezzo movement of Silbelius's Karelius suite. It's only 20 minutes long, but it is a magnificent, glorious, emotional experience. My Irish friend who came with us said it gave her chills up her spine too. We got to talk to the director, Hugh McDonald, afterwards too which was fascinating. The film is only being shown now because Peter Jackson's company remastered it to be shown digitally without the specialised equipment once needed. If it's out on DVD next year as they hope, I'm so buying it.

The film was preceded by two other films from the era: a doco about the 1980 Expo by the same director (domes! monorails! living in the future!) and a travel film from the 70s made for Australia and shown for laughs, I think (bad puns, mini skirts, female tourists in elaborate hairdos, glittery blue eye-shadow, enormous false eyelashes, and what looked like fake tans).

Oh and I bought a coffee from Stark's Bar.

Why did I take this? Well, apart from the symbol on the napkin (is that or is that not a Stykera?) the little guy in the lower middle looks like Stark with his mask straps across his forehead. And yes, the flower in the right hand side background is a bird of paradise AKA the Scarran intellect-enhancing flower. OK, I'm an SF nerd. :-P

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