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Regina Spektor concert

Regina Spektor was amazing last night. The stage was bare but for a grand piano. a couple of mike stands, and a guitar, but she filled it with her big, rich voice and her fabulous piano playing. We were in the fifth row and I had a great view of her hands on the keyboard (and could almost hear my old piano teacher telling me, "See? The professionals don't drop their wrists.").

The supporting act was a guy from NY billed as Only Son who sang his own ballads accompanied by his guitar and a backing band--on an iPod. He was adequate, I suppose.

When Regina came out, she was limping and leaning on a cane. I have no idea how she got injured, but apparently it was before her Sydney concert. Maybe like Michael Keating she got savaged by a koala; she didn't seem to like koalas and kangaroos. Her first song was an a capella 'Ain't No Cover', accompanied by a rhythm beaten out on the mike, and she had us from there. She then went to the piano and did a set including a favourite, 'On the Radio' which I now associate with Stargate Atlantis because of Lim's beautiful vid to it, and a couple of songs to guitar though in that case the main instrument was really her voice. I was delighted when she came back for an encore and did 'Hotel Song' with Only Son beat-boxing as accompaniment--an unexpected highlight--followed by 'Fidelity' and 'Us' (which to me is now totally about fanfic writers because of Lim's vid) and the beautiful 'Samson'.

Excellent, excellent concert.

And do check out Lim's beautiful vids to songs by Regina and others, especially 'Us' and 'This is how it works'. They are truly works of art.

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