Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Trip plans

I'm leaving for the UK in about two weeks, for two weeks, all the time Greg can spare from his work. So far on the list are:
  • the Star One Blake's 7 con in Bedford
  • Bletchley Park
  • Caerleon (Romans!)
  • the Newport transporter bridge
  • Portmerion--Greg's a big Prisoner fan
  • the Gateshead millennium bridge
  • the Falkirk wheel
  • Edinburgh in general because we both love it
  • assorted Telford bridges (can you tell I like the things?)
  • air museums recommended by a pilot friend (Cosford, Hendon, Duxford) depending on itinerary--I love planes too
I arrive on Thursday, the day before the con so I won't be too tired after the flight. So has anyone got any suggestions for something interesting to do that day considering we might be tired, though I've only ever been jetlagged once? Personally I wouldn't mind a trip into London by train as I'd like to walk that footbridge.

And if you can think of other things for a pair of geeks with an interest in engineering (Roman to the present day) to do or see, I'd love to hear. Anything at all, it doesn't have to be engineering!
Tags: holiday
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