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Doctor Who: The Last of the Time Lords

Most of what I can say about The Last of the Time Lords has already been said.

Martha was great: walking round the earth raising hope and rallying support for the Doctor. I wasn't keen on the floaty glowy Doctor (or what he was preceded by) but Martha totally rocked, and I loved how she laughed while she was kneeling, expecting to die. The constant harping on the unrequited love she has for the Doctor I regard as RTD's fault; Martha has been a great companion otherwise, and could you ever imagine her blubbing on a beach? I cheered as she took her life back and walked away, I assume to meet Doctor Milligan.

Pity that doesn't work out. I hear that she's going to join Torchwood as possibly their first sensible member, though that still won't make me watch. At least they've left it open for her to guest-star next year.

The Jones family I regard as deliberately humiliated by the Master in their servants' clothes (I shall give RTD the benefit of the doubt) just as Lucy was exposed in her red dress and obviously beaten. Because if I thought RTD was that racist and sexist, I would get more angry than was good for me, and I'm still very pissed off about Harriet Jones. You know, I thought the bastard was leaving and I'm very disappointed to hear that was just a rumour.

Professor Docherty was wonderful. Maybe if I wished very hard, she would be the new companion? Nah, no chance.

The Doctor must have had his brains compressed when he was Gollum because thinking he could contain the Master on the TARDIS was plain stupid (what, as a prisoner? a pet?) As was ignoring a bloody great companion who stood by him in 1913 and spent a dangerous year on a defeated earth; he even said in front of her that the Master was the only one he could care for. As others have said, I don't think I like you any more, Doctor.

The Master is coming back. I'm guessing that's Lucy who picked up the ring (is it a significant ring?) but that could be deliberate misdirection. The Master is still around when the Face of Boe (see where pride in your prettiness gets you, Jack?) says that the Doctor is not alone. so he's around then--but hey, time travel is twisty and makes my head hurt.

The Titanic? Oh, that'll be a fun Christmas Special with all those doomed people. If it is the Titanic. I mean, how could an ordinary earth ship breach the TARDIS?

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