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Doctor Who: The Sound of Drums

I'm probably missing a lot by never having seen that particular character before (though I have several good recs for serials to watch now) but that was quite fun.

Well, they got out of jail the end of time very easily. The drumming was creepy (and why did Yana hear it before all this?) but I thought the Archangel part of the plot too reminiscent of the Rise of the Cybermen's Cybus Industries. The airborne aircraft carrier was extremely cool though, like those in Sky Captain: The World of Tomorrow. Sort of steam-punkish, but probably only by association.

Yes, Simm is playing this manic, but he was funny with it if a little OTT. More disturbing is the ex-Roedean Essex bimbo who is the woman behind the PM, taking it all in her stride. A member of the ruling class, don't you know.

I don't get how the Doctor aged 100 years though. Surely a mere century wouldn't have any effect on him at all.

Oh and 10 points for using 'decimate' correctly! [pedantic applause]

Now I can go and read what other people said, then take myself to bed because LJ is being painfully slow for me.

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