Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Memorandum

For the letter writing challenge on b7friday a couple of weeks ago, 200 words.


To Supervisor Pola Kappel:

I was one of the group escorting the government visitors around the Project yesterday. Councillor Bercol and Secretary Rontane were impressed with our diligence, if not our lack of demonstrable results. They may not have carried away the best impression of your computer technicians however, or to be more accurate, one of them. When Councillor Bercol asked whether the flashing lights on the computers meant something, this tech was heard to remark that were the councillor's name shortened to one syllable, it would be more accurate. Then, when Secretary Rontane asked about the sorts of inanimate objects that might be transported should the project prove successful, the same tech suggested several illegal possibilities including credits from vaults, artwork from galleries, gems from jewellers, and the brains from government officials' heads.

I have no idea of the tech's name, but the initials on his coverall were KA. The Matter Transmission Project is under government control, and any workers who openly mock members of it no matter how wittily might be better employed elsewhere.

I would also like to see some support documentation for the large numbers of rubber bands your department requisitions.

Roj Blake
Purchasing Department Manager

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