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Cool (and not so cool) stuff, with added penguins

Greg ordered a new espresso machine to replace the one I bought years ago which has been leaking irreparably. It came yesterday and it's so complex, I shall have to read the manual before playing. I mean, it's programmable. I think this means we can set it to fill our cups to the right height for each of us so they won't overflow if we get distracted by the toast burning. It's this model, the red one in the smaller picture.

Greg also ordered an egg cooker that one of his colleagues said was really good. It's one of a range of appliances with personalities and I have to say I find this trend a bit disturbing. The Eggo looks like a mutant chicken with no head and three legs. The egg cups that came with it are even more worrying; they make it look like Sylar came for breakfast. [shudders] I think I'll stick to my old marble egg cups, thanks. This thing had better be good to make up for the tweeting. At least it's the same virulent orange (much brighter than the picture) as the old Braun coffee grinder I inherited from my mother, so I'm not adding a whole new eye-hurting colour to the kitchen.

Another in the 'cool creations' series is Woddles, the penguin waffle maker. There you are: just what the you always wanted: penguin-shaped waffles!

The best of the rest is probably Mikey Martian the milk-shake maker. :-P

This reminds me: I must get round to taking a picture of something much more nightmarish at the local mall.

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