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Doctor Who: Utopia

I just saw Utopia.

My nit-pickiness kicked in and I spent the first part objecting strenuously to humans (and even trucks) still being around however many trillion years in the future it is. Besides, wasn't Cassandra the last one when the sun exploded? I agree with at least two of you that the first half was crap: humans, truck, the 'footprint' (what?), and the Doctor fixing the problem so quickly and easily and crowing about it. I also found the Master's sneering at the ignominy of being shot by an insect and a girl to boot very offensive, and the Rose stuff was both annoying and degraded Martha's character in the same way it did with Sarah Jane. I really hope RTD does step down as main writer because he's sexist and can't write women.

I liked Chan Tho and was sorry she died (I assume). Derek Jacobi was wonderful (as always) and I was also very sorry that his very engaging character as a human was completely destroyed by becoming the Master.

I'm interested in what Utopia might be, but I'm sure it's not the haven they expect; the Master seems to know what it is.

And now to the really chilling thought. When I first saw the futurekind, I thought their leader was Jack which confused me briefly, but it made me think. Jack can't die and what if he's still around at the end of the universe after an unimaginably long life? Is he still sane? Is he still human? Would he remember the Doctor and his former self; would he recognise them? After all, a human brain couldn't hold the memories of such a long lifetime. [shivers a bit]

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