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Alter-ego ficathon

This sounds like a fun ficathon: alterego_thon. To quote their user info,

This ficathon is based on the idea that you write your fandom-of-choice with a plot based on or paralleling a film/novel/play. The idea is to keep your fandom characters as close to their original selves as possible, but place them in a different plot and setting. The cast of Stargate SG-1 set to the story of A Knight’s Tale? Or you can keep them in their usual setting but having the plot worked in. What about the cast of House playing out 10 Things I Hate About You / Taming of the Shrew at PPTH? The variations are endless! There are no prompts for this ficathon so you are free to choose your details.
Other excellent points in its favour are the long sign-up time (until 31 August), long writing time, and three months in which to post (1 January - 1 April 2008).

I'll sign up when I've thought of a film or novel plot to throw the B7 crew into.
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