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Driven from my home?

I'm going to be out all day (craft market, restaurant, waterfront) as there's no water here at home; the pump at the reservoir has broken down. What we'll do if it isn't fixed today is another matter; Metrowater AKA 'the water nazis' can bloody well pay for us and probably the whole suburb to live in a motel.

If I have to live somewhere else for a few days (I've gone through four litres of bottled water washing this morning) I'll be off-line and really furious that I've been driven from my home.

[Edit] Just came back to drop off our plane tickets and Kuala Lumpur accommodation vouchers etc (don't want to carry them round with me) and the water's back on. It's low prassure but at least I can have a bath if not a shower later.

I'll still go to the market though as the weather's lovely and you have to grab your chances while you can in this place. It hasn't rained for several days so we must be due for a downpour.

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