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Doctor Who: Blink

I didn't post last night about Blink because I was still thinking about it.

I thought Gridlock and the Family of Blood two-parter were good, but I think Blink just took front place for this season, which has in fact been a very good one so far.

This has to be one of the cleverest versions of the old endless time loop, with genuinely scary monsters, a tight plot, and an excellent cast. Sally Sparrow was likeable, brave, and very believable; all of the characters were very well drawn, even those who, like Billy Shipton, were hardly on screen. The hints of his and Kathy's lives lived out of their own times were both haunting and positive; they both made the best of it and lived well and happily. Billy's "I have until the rain stops" got me though. What must it have been like to live all those years knowing the exact day he'd die? I loved that Sally stayed with him, and of course that was how she knew what happened to him and what the Doctor told him so that the Doctor could tell him. :-P

When the Doctor explained about the angels, I guessed how to defeat them, but the only way I thought of would be to get a lot of people to move them into a circle, and I bet they were heavy. The Doctor's solution was a clever one.

I really liked the geeky bits too: the easter eggs, Larry having a t-shirt with "the angels have the phone box" on it, the clerk telling the girl on screen to go to the police so that Sally did, Sally knowing that 'the guys' were Larry's internet friends. Lovely writing and characterisation.

I thought there were some unexplained holes at first but I think I've filled all but one in to my satisfaction:

  • Why were the angels in the deserted house and nowhere else? I would guess precisely because it was deserted, so they wouldn’t be noticed when they moved around.

  • Why didn't they use the key on the TARDIS? Because they didn't know where it was after the police removed it, presumably along with the abandoned cars, because it looked like their property. I'm guessing the angels needed some sort of connection with someone who did know.

  • Why was Billy sent back to 1969 but stayed in the same place, yet Kathy ended up in Hull? I have no answer for this one.
All in all, one of my favourites so far.
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