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Theatrical Muse rant

The people at theatrical_muse must have to take lessons in being annoying, humourless, and sticklers for huge numbers of rules, or be selected from personnel departments of large corporations. I already withdrew Kerril and Dayna because of officious e-mails, but I left vila_restal in to keep his journal active.

I did a topic a couple of weeks ago, and for once didn't cross-post to Vila's LJ because I chose to use a story written from his mother's POV in third person. I just got the rude standard e-mail telling me that unless I wrote something ASAP I'd be removed from the community. They cited rules 5, 6, and 7 of 21 Yes, 21 rules. Oh, joy.

[rolls eyes] When we started, all you have to do was post to TM itself. I always cross-posted and a while ago started adding the TM topics to memories to keep track of them in case I was accused of slacking. Somewhere along the line this became a rule along with giving the topic number. I can't keep up.

To the anal mods at TM: this is supposed to be fun, not a duty. I owe you some loyalty for sparking off an RPG which gave me great enjoyment, but there's not a hell of a lot left.

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