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Ficlet: Three School Essays

This was written two weeks ago for b7friday, on the topic of historical perspective: 750 words by three students and a teacher. I might add that the teacher's opinions are hers, not mine.

Three School Essays

Blake and His Merry Crew
by Elian Rients, Year 3

Roj Blake was a grate hero who livd in olden times and wor green tights and big shirts and a belt with a swash buckle. His merry crew was Vila Restal who was funny and told meny jokes, the made Cally was who butiful beuti pretty and knu what everywon think, Ker Avon the tekno wizzard who cold tame eny computer, Jena Stanis the bu prety blond pilot, and Friar Gan who was so big no won culd take him down, and he only died when they dropd a hole biulding on him. They bet the Andromedaries and plide the mitey space ways in there enormus ship fihgting for peace and justice for all. After Gan and Cally and Blake fall on the field of batle, the others razed a big army and broght freedom to everywon in the Federation.  They sa that they are not ded but sleep on far planets, waiting for the time when the galaxy will need them again, and wen someone finds the magic Key of the Oracle, they will wake.

Very good, Elian. You have mixed up some of your legends, and I had to take marks off for spelling, but that was a very good story with nice neat printing.  7/10.

The Founder of the New Federation
by Filat Leedy, Year 9

I find the story of Blake and Avon and their followers a great inspiration in my life. After Avon killed his friend Blake by mistake, and that is why it is called 'friendly fire' even today, he redeemed himself by taking up Blake's mantel, which is another word for cause. He did what Blake could not do, and brought down the unjust government of the time, so that we no longer have slavery, grades, and drugs in our food to keep us from thinking too much. So Blake did not die in vain. Avon could have been just a murderer, but instead he too became a hero like Blake and Gan and the others. This means that no matter what we do, there is always a chance that we can make up for it by doing a great deed, and that you should not judge a person by their appearance (black clothes and big nose) but by what they achieve in their lives even after bad mistakes. Therefore I count Avon as being as great a hero as Blake. Even if he and Vila did take a lot of money after the revolution and disappear.

Well written. The last two sentences should be combined however. As it is written, far too much impact is given to the last one, which I am sure is not your intention. 8/10.

Legendary Heroes
by Ludvika Rurik, Year 12

Roj Blake and his Seven (or Nine if one counts the later additions to his crew) are often called legendary, and I believe that is literal. Can one really accept that a small group in an improbably powerful spaceship (which no one has found any trace of) managed to hold off an alien invasion alone, then bring down a government? The names alone are cause for suspicion. Kerr Avon, the man who killed Blake, then led the survivors to victory, is named for both his cowardly actions in shooting Blake down - say it quickly: 'craven' - and also for a strongly flowing unstoppable river. Vila Restal, the cunning and loyal thief seems a little too charming and witty to be more than an archetype from many fairy tales - and is it coincidence that his name could originate from the words "villain arrested'? Cally and Soolin have only surnames - or first names - and no past or family are ever mentioned in the 'histories'. Gan, the strong man who dies holding up a wall so that the others would live might be believable, but when everything is taken together, I find it most unlikely that this small band of people could have achieved so much. Like so many legends before them - Caesar who only has a title and not a name; Napoleon the lion, Church-hill, Martin Luther the King - they are most probably amalgams of many people and many events.

Ah, Ludvika. I am disappointed that my brightest student has recycled the barren and unfounded theories one can find all over the Tarialnet. Whether or not history is completely accurate, the Federation did change because many people dreamed that it could. Never discount that. 6/10.

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