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Long weekend with books

Yay for a long weekend! I feel ridiculously pleased at having an extra day off.

I'm also delighted that when I went to the library on the way home to drop some overdue books off, they already had two of the books I ordered on-line this morning. One is the third in Donna Andrews' Meg Lanslow murder mysteries which I started reading because I know she has one set at a con, and which I'm enjoying because of the funny, eccentric, and articulate characters. This one is set at a craft fair and US war of independence re-enactment - cool! I have been dorky enough to wander around those in full armour and take part in Roman battle technique demos. I'm going to give her other mystery series a try on the strength of these. The main character is Turing Hopper, an AI; that's got to be geek fun.

Sigh. A previous reader got upset about the American form of the past tense of 'fit' and added 'ted' to it. Luckily it was in pencil so I could erase it. It reminds me of the novel I read a few years ago where someone objected to the use of 'whilst' on the grounds that "no one talks like that". Um, yes, they do in the UK. And then there was one where the reader thought the characters quoted too much poetry and said so in a large writing in pen on the front page. [rolls eyes] Critics.

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