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Ficlet: Deicide

Still catching up with my b7friday cross-posting. This one was for the topic of religion: 369 (a suitable multiple of 3) words set in season 4.


When he came, he called himself a god, and they believed him. Not because of the six doubting priests he killed at first with his puny lightning, but because one of them remembered the ancient little statue in the temple. Left to them long ago by another visitor from the stars, the Bu-Da was a benign round man sitting cross-legged with a serene smile and a belly of an impressive splendour never attained by any Mecronian. So when Belkov arrived, just as wonderfully round and just as jolly (as long as people did what he said) then it seemed only logical to take him at his word, and only logical that a god would want the sacred crystals.

So they mined them for him, singing their antiphonal trance songs as they felt for the faults in the rocks with their othersight, and in return they were given wonderfully concentrated food that enabled some of them to even grow small bellies of their own. Admittedly, some of the strangers who came with him had to be killed with the three-sided knives (three for energy, matter, and life) but the god Belkov Bu-Da and the Mecronians got on well enough.

Until the day he left them, destroying his mountain home, the mine, and most of the workers there.

Angered, they gathered in the temple below the open roof and surrounded the little statue with a small ring of crystals (they had always been rings, not necklaces), and a larger one of themselves, and they sang a song of power. The sonic vibrations were magnified by the crystals and turned into searing light focussed on the statue, and as the little Bu-Da exploded, the Mecronian priests and people lifted their heads and shouted as the energy beams met, and failing to annihilate each other, became one blinding one aimed at the darkness where they could sense the fat little god had gone.

Belkov's laugh died as he realised that the black hole was growing and that he would not be able to escape it. Bizarrely, there were beads of glowing light around it, almost like a necklace, and as he and his ship fell towards it, he thought he could hear chanting.

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