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Winter and a new series

It's been a lovely long mild autumn, but today, though still sunny, is suddenly winter. The temperature dropped to 6C overnight, and we weren't ready for it at work. I had to sit in an unheated meeting room for two hours this morning and the air was so cold my lungs hurt for the hour afterwards that it took me to warm up in my office.

I want to stay home tonight by the heater, but I booked another bead-working class. I'm sure it'll be fun when I get there, but I so don't want to go out.

In other news, found on B7 mailing lists, is the promising announcement that Kudos, who made Life on Mars and Spooks (which I haven't seen) are making a new SF series, Outcasts which sounds very like Blake's 7, and deliberately so. I'm a little concerned about the reference to one of them being a deviant (please don't give us a real pervert) and the comparison to the new BSG. I hope they don't go for the shaky hand-held badly-focussed mock-doco pseudo-realism of BSG (which uses it even in the CGI shots) which I found seriously distracting and annoying, or the thinly-disguised contemporary politics and issues but In Space which both bored and depressed me till I gave up.

I'll definitely give this a go though in the hopes it won't be another Torchwood.

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