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Lost season finale

And now for Lost.

I'm delighted that Locke survived. Yes, my OTP came through! Locke didn't get many scenes, but they were good ones. I loved how he smiled when Walt!Island told him he had work to do. Locke really needs to be needed, doesn't he?

Hurley was magnificent! Poor Hurley, being told twice in two eps that he was too big to play, then charging to the rescue in the Dharma van. Dude, you rock.

I also didn't mind Charlie dying because, well, we were all pretty sure he was going to. You know the guy who shows pictures of his family lists the best moments in his life is a goner. He did die very well and courageously though - nothing became him so much as the way he left.

The writers were also very clever in giving us yet another Jack flashback (I rolled my eyes) - which turned out to be a flash-forward. I remain puzzled about two things though: why he referred to his father twice as though he were still alive, and who was in the coffin. Jack said he was neither family nor friend, but the news upset him so much he could hardly speak (to Kate?) and decided to kill himself. I am very scared it was Locke. I don't want it to be Locke, because this means he only lives a couple more years. I suppose it could also be Sawyer, if that isn't whom Kate is going back to.

I was however left with a bad taste in my mouth for the following reasons:

Sawyer shooting Mr Friendly after he surrendered.

Locke knifing Naomi in the back (though he couldn't shoot Jack).

The flash-forward. If it really is one, then no matter what happens, there's a bleak future for Jack (which I frankly don't care much about), and at least one other, perhaps all of them. I can't quite bring myself to believe it's an AU because it wasn't shown as a vision like Desmond's which would be changed, but I can try.
Perhaps when Locke went behind the station, he was going to turn the jammer on again. I hope so.

Greg came up with an idea. Apparently some people on the Lostpedia keep track of how many days have gone by and this is meant to be Christmas Day. There might be a tsunami the next day which could change everything, and I note that most of them are way up there on a hill. :-P
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