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Heroes season finale

I've seen two season finales this week, and am still thinking about them. First, Heroes

Wow! That was excellent except for one major point. They didn't kill Sylar. They just left him there without checking? If I'd been there, I'd have blown the bastard's brains out administered a coup de grace. selenak tells me however he's hugely popular in the fandom, which I totally don't get. I don't care how good-looking he is; the guy is so evil I can hardly bear to watch him. Those who think a psychopath can be redeemed are also fooling themselves. He has no empathy and never will unless he kills someone who has a talent for it. And they have someone worse in store? I an afraid.

Hiro learning to fight from Sulu his father, saving Ando, and ending up in the past was pure win. This also answered my question about whether there was going to me another season, I mean volume. :-) Will Hiro meet Kensei, or is he Kensei, I wonder.

Candice: I like her but I gather many don't. I think her backstory gives her a lot of sympathy. I was expecting her to change into the real Candice when Niki knocked her out and was surprised that she continued to maintain her illusion. selenak has an excellent explanation for this though at the very beginning of a wonderful Candice-POV story she posted today, which brings me to my rec: Illusions.

I am also intrigued about how Candice maintains her illusions. By altering photons and sound waves, or doing the reverse of mind reading and inserting the perception of images and sound into people's heads which seems a lot easier? Not of course that believable science is exactly a major feature in this show. They don't even inherit power, or Claire would be a flame-thrower or flying fireball.

As an aside, if I had a choice of super powers, I think it would be a toss-up between Claire's (I'd never get ill) and Candice's (I could be lean and lithe and not bother buying new clothes, or when walking around at night, be a huge and tough-looking guy no one would dare tangle with). The rest? Eh. I wouldn't even want Hiro's ability to bend space and time: I'd want to edit my whole life which is generally considered Not A Good Thing.

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