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Birthday fic: Man with an Earring

I'm late, but I had to wait till I got home form work so I could write a little birthday fic for the Jarrigoth.

Man with an Earring

"That man," said Servalan, trying unsuccessfully to slam the door behind her, "is an ingratiating, slimy, lascivious toad." She gave the door a kick, fleetingly denting its vinyl padding. "He dared to offer me a pataki cake."

Jarriere raised his eyebrows, amused at the thought. "Och, aye?" he said noncommittally.

"Neither that nor his demeanour showed a proper respect." Servalan picked up her red glass flower and held it to her nose to sniff the perfume secreted at its centre. "One would be wise not to turn one's back on that man. Although I daresay his aide does so regularly." She paced the room.

Jarriere chuckled, turning his head to watch her, and his earring fell out. Och, damn the wee thing. He'd need to have the hook adjusted. He dropped to all fours.

Servalan halted. "What on earth are you doing?"

"Just searching for my earring, ma'am." He crawled towards her. "It dropped somewhere around here."

The earring was an important part of his armament. If anyone took Jarriere, all they would find on him was a small gun, chosen to match his harmless and foppish exterior. No one would suspect an earring of being anything more than a slightly ridiculous accessory; in fact it contained enough explosive to get him out of a locked room or take out three people if sufficiently close together, or indeed both as had once happened. With of, course, another pair. Ah, there it was.

He sat back on his heels and looked up at Servalan, his face bland and less than alert. "Oh, you don't trust Krantor?"

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