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Holiday pics!

I've finally resized and loaded my holiday photos into a gallery. There are 44 pictures with explanations if you click on them; go have a look for:

  • The Village where we stayed
  • the nicest municipal logos :ive seen since Rome's wolf and SPQR
  • the Craters of the Moon thermal area
  • the cat who came to visit
  • aerial shots of volcanoes, crater lakes, and lahar
  • two boats and two retired eccentrics called Bate and Drake
  • very cool Maori cliff carvings
  • Greg and me on Segways
  • huge corrugated iron animalsg
  • cats back at home demonstrating two of their poses
Oh, all right, here's a very small sample.

Because people like cat pics and hafren wanted to see a photo. :-) This sweet and friendly Birman was sitting on our stairs one morning and came inside to visit for an hour or so. What a poser! She followed me round the place, then settled down till she suddenly decided she had other things to do. For the longest ear tufts I've seen on a cat, see the other photo I took of her.

Ruapehu's crater lake, about a week after the lahar burst from it. You can see the breach at about 11 o'clock. The yellow bits are sulphur.

Sunset on lake and volcanoes.

Retired judge Peter Bate enjoys his life as captain of the restored steamboat Alice. Here he is, complete with port and starboard socks, a pirate's headscarf, a knife in his teeth, and a steam cannon - a real-life Captain Flint! [/Ransome] The other member of the crew is called Michael Drake.

Maori cliff carvings which can only be seen from the water. This is the face; the taniwha (water monster) was my favourite.

OK, now go and look at the rest! :-)
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