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Doctor Who: Gridlock

And for once I'm not the last one on my flist to see it. That? Was an excellent and joy-making ep.

Speaking of flists, I loved the motorway people having friends lists. Since I can't think of anything I didn't like, here's all the stuff I did:

  • Cats! And an adorable Irish one played by Ardal O'Hanlon (Dougal in Father Ted).
  • Kittens! I wonder when they become sentient, but they were only two months old.
  • The motorway people, a wonderfully eccentric lot undefeated by their lives, esp the two old ladies and their book.
  • Martha being stroppy and brave and intelligent and making the Doctor talk to her at the end.
  • The Doctor telling her about Gallifrey (but not--yet--that he was the cause).
  • Novice Hame redeeming herself by tending the Face of Boe and saving the undercity. Oh and having the gun for pirates.
  • The plot not being about the callous disregard of the undercity's people, but the saving of them.
  • It wasn't on Earth (well, the old one)!
I think this is the best of this season so far. I hope they keep the quality up--and Don't Mention the Rose.
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