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Life on Mars

Suddenly we got a cold blast from the Antarctic and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees and I shivered all day in my summer clothes till I could get home and change into winter ones. It was Greg's birthday so we braved the wind and rain and went out for Italian and warming red wine, then came home and watched the last ep of Life on Mars.

OK, that defied all logic and now my temporal lobe hurts. :-P The whole thing didn't make sense: Sam appeared to be a real person with a different history in the past, but also a real one in the future given that his future was the ours. Who the hell is Morgan though? He too is in both places, and a right bastard in the past. I was actually yelling at Sam to shoot him because I thought that was the key to getting out and I knew he was wrong about Gene and his team.

I almost jumped out of my skin when test card girl appeared outside the door. I liked her ending the ep though; nice touch.

I'd assume that 1973 or 2006 was Sam's dream, but:
1) 1973 was too coherent and consistent to be a dream
2) 2006 was real, not a 1970s vision of the future
3) Gene Hunt can't be a tumour, even a benign one, because he's turning up in the sequel. :-D

It really doesn't make sense but I'll have to accept time travel despite Sam's method of getting back. For me the ending was satisfying if I ignore the very disturbing way Sam got back (a huge cop-out so to speak; suicide is not an escape) and a great relief after what appeared to be a bleak future for Sam and a very short one for the others. I look forward to the sequel; pity he won't be in it. For those who don't know about this, it's called Ashes to Ashes and will have a female DCI going back to 1981 where Gene Hunt, Ray, and Chris are working in London. Sounds good, but do they have to refer to Alex Drake as "Gene's sexy side-kick"? [rolls eyes] I don't think we've gone as far in equality as Sam thought.

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