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TV wish meme

From andrastewhite:

The TV fairy wants to grant you some magic wishes.

You can go back in time and erase from the fabric of TV history THREE individual episodes of any TV show you want! The rest of the series will not be altered. What do you choose?

Blake's 7Harvest of Kairos, and Moloch, plus Animals. The first two are by B Stard Ben Stud Ben Steed and therefore are offensively sexist. The occasional joke, possibly added by Chris Boucher, cannot save them. I'd leave Power in because it's necessary to explain how the crew gets another working teleport, and besides, Animals has to go. It was not just written for Cally and very badly adapted for Dayna (little beyond changing names), it's boooooring. It's the only B7 ep I had to fast-forward.

You can go back in time and revive ONE unfairly cancelled television show and return it to the annals of TV history! CHOOSE WISELY, because if you attempt to revive more than one show, the wish will backfire and you'll instead be treated to a whole bunch of crappy made-for-TV "reunion" movies full of replacement actors.

I can't pick Firefly or Farscape because they did get finished with a film and a miniseries, so I'll go for Crusade. I liked all the characters and the concept (which allowed for the encounter of strange planets and societies) and I wish I'd seen them succeed in their quest.

To balance out the historical TV viewing schedule, you now have the power to retroactively CANCEL, at any point during the series, any one show! Alternately, you can wield your destructive might and DELETE one whole entire series from ever having been made.

I'd have Blake's 7 stay cancelled after season 3. Terminal was a nice open-ended place to end and would have still given us a lot of great fanfic like The Machiavelli Factor.

LIFE AND DEATH! You can now bring ONE character back from the dead... and, to restore the balance, you must also kill off a character! They don't have to be from the same fandom.

I'd resurrect Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5. She was a wonderful strong character and I missed her a lot. In return, I'd kill off B7's Servalan at Terminal (ignoring the previous wish) which might improve S4 a lot; they'd have to think up some believable plot for a start.

Bonus tradeoff: you can delete a single scene, relationship pairing, or plot arc that gave you hives from any series... AND you can plug in any one [scene, pairing, plot arc] that you never got to see!

I'd can the whole Sikozu as traitor plot point from the Peacekeeper Wars miniseries; it's totally out of character for her. To replace it, I'd like a more believable relationship for her and Scorpy and as an explanation for the betrayal, she and/or Scorpy could have been tagged with tracers, or Scorpy could have had a deep-seated compulsion programmed in to remain ultimately loyal. And while we're at it, nix the stupid hair and makeup change they gave her. I even wondered if they'd replaced the actor; it made her look like another species.
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