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Doctor Who: Smith and Jones

I'm always late to the party, but I've finally seen it.

And I liked it!

It wasn't on Earth - yay! A hospital on the moon was super-inventive and visually stunning, and I like Martha. Mind you, I liked Rose at first too (esp when she ran joyfully into the TARDIS) before she went clingy and weepy.

This was a fun and fast-paced story which I hope is indicative of what's to come. I did wonder why the building didn't explode, but we got a nice, neat explanation for that. I assume the Jadoons (sp?) provided the power along with a gravity generator, which would make sense because they wouldn't have to deal with people flailing about at one sixth G and probably losing their staff canteen lunches to boot. I liked the Jadoons too; they reminded me of Vogons: ugly and stolidly bureaucratic. I wonder if they write poetry.

I disliked Torchwood so much I stopped watching, but I'm really looking forward to more of this. :-)

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