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Last night

It's been wet for two days so:

  • I went to see Hot Fuzz which was fun. Simon Pegg played a hot-shot cop who made his fellow police look so bad, they packed him off to a quiet little village. It seems a bit slow at first, but almost everything you see and hear is used in the climactic and explosive last half-hour or so.

  • I went back to the Creative Café and made two necklaces using some of their gorgeous glass beads. At last I'll have something to post in glarmaco this Monday.

  • We had two excellent dinners out. I now know where to eat and where not for our next visit to Taupo, because we'll be baaack.
I'm glad we didn't go up north this year because it's been cut off by heavy flooding today; some travellers will have to spend the night in their cars. Eep. We drive back to Auckland tomorrow morning (in other words, I do, because I do all the long-distance stuff) and I'm hoping it's cleared by then, though it hasn't been anywhere near that bad down here.

See you all tomorrow afternoon. :-)
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