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Guess the series

OK, I’ll play. This looks like fun. :-)

Summarise 10 of your fandoms in one sentence, then see if your friends list can guess each one.

[Edited to give answers for those guessed.]

  1. The city will last forever. Rome

  2. There was a baby on board. Farscape

  3. How to survive on another planet in another time.

  4. They are the last of their kinds. Red Dwarf

  5. They are the first of their kinds. Heroes

  6. Chaos and order are each used to promote the other. Babylon 5

  7. He can’t do to himself what he does to others. House

  8. The first ship should never have got off the ground, the second wasn’t one, and the third was a sign of worse to come. Blake's 7

  9. It’s all about the interconnectedness of strangers. Lost

  10. One of them never says yes or no.
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