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Volcanoes, a cat, and cricket

I didn't do much that was exciting today, but Greg did. I bought him a three weeks early birthday present: an hour's flight over the three volcanoes (Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro) at the other end of the lake. He took lots of crater and lahar pictures, plus a good one of The Village as he came back in to land.

We were visited by a cat this morning, a magnificent and very friendly Birman (think fluffy Siamese, blue eyes and all). I don't know if he belongs here or is a neighbour's cat looking for daytime company. Unexpected cats are the embodiment of serendipity. :-)

We also watched NZ beat Canada, who are another team with promise. I hope that teams like Ireland, Kenya, and Canada will get invitations to play the more well-known teams in future, but the big cricket news is the murder of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer, an appalling tragedy. News just in as I type: they seem to have arrested someone for it.
[Edit] No, it was a completely unfounded rumour from Delhi.

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