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V for Vilakins

After reapermum reeled off a whole lot of V answers, I felt honour-bound to do this meme without using any of hers.

Answer each question with a word beginning with the same letter as your user name.

Famous Music artist/group: Vera Lynn (who turned 90 today)

3 letter word: vid, or if that's too SF, vim

Colour: vermillion

Gifts/present: vigorous plants I can't kill

Vehicle: viscount jet

TV Show: Veronica Mars

Country: Vanuatu (the capital of which is Port Vila!)

Boy Name: Vic (and our cat's)

Girl Name: Vanessa

Alcoholic drink: vermouth

Occupation: video editor

Flower: verbena

Celebrity: Victor Mature (of those old sword and sandals epics)

Food: vanilla ice cream

Something found in a kitchen: very sharp knives

Reason for Being Late: visiting the vet with a cat with a poorly paw

Something You Shout: Victory or death!

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