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Summertime, when the living is easy...

OK, I know it's meant to be autumn now, but one solstice does not a season make. ;-)

They predicted rain today, but it’s beautiful: hot and calm. We went for a walk by the lake and tried to do the Dominion cryptic crossword on a bench. It’s a bad day when we can’t get the Herald one out, but the Dominion’s one is hard. My favourite clue so far this week though is one I immediately got due to fandom:

He minces, but he’s tougher than most (7)
[Bayban the] Butcher :-D

Then we played minigolf on a beautifully laid-out course with ponds and flowers and a bridge. Greg won by 3. :-) After that, we walked the other way into town and had lunch (marinated fish and salad followed by a citrus crème brulee for me, yum!) and came back here.

And now we’re veged out with all the doors and windows open, having a Sit Down and a Nice Cup of Tea.

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