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Holiday miscellany

The wind dropped and the sun was out, and so were we (mad dogs and deltas and all that).

We started the day by watching NZ beat Kenya, who look like a side with an excellent future. Speaking of cricket, it now seems that Bob Woolmer's death may be homicide after toxicology reports. He was apparently writing a book exposing Pakistan's match fixing; yikes, this is the stuff of murder mysteries. :-(

Then we went to Puzzle World and went round their maze, collecting five questions and five numeric answers we had to match to the questions (we got 100%, yay). This was followed by tea and seed cake in honour of the Swallows and Amazons; I can see how the seed cake survived the shipwreck; that stuff is solid. They had logic puzzles on every table in their café which was a fun idea. I also bought two jigsaws: a flat one of Escher's Reptiles, and a large spherical Simpsons one with all the Springfield characters on it. Hee.

We then walked round the Craters of the Moon, a geothermal area near and caused by the Wairekei geothermal power station. Ahhh, the small of sulphur in the afternoon...

A late lunch at an excellent Thai restaurant rounded off a pretty good day out.

I also bought more books: SF (Greg Bear) and a mystery collection in honour of Ellis Peters so I definitely won't run out of reading this holiday. Oh yes, and a Doctor Who DVD: The Sontaran Experiment, purely because it's Sarah and Harry, and I've never seen Harry though he was in the Mumak RPG for a while and seemed to be a lot of fun.

I also saw a DVD of Blonde Bombshells, a wonderful film we saw on TV a couple of years ago about a woman (Judi Dench) who, after her husband dies, decides to get her old wartime female jazz band back together. I called out to Greg about it, then stepped back and almost bumped into an old guy. I apologised and he said I shouldn’t because he was delighted to find the DVD. He’d taped the film when it was shown and it got taped over and he’d been hoping to find it ever since, so I’d made his day. :-D

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