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'The Queen'

Summer's back for a while, to my relief, and I found a ceramic painting place for a wet day, that also has a jewellery making class one evening this week which I might go to. We also went to see The Queen at last; Helen Mirren was superb, and the others, all of whom looked very like the people they were playing, were also very good. Is it just me, or was the guy who played Tony Blair rather Tarranty?

The footage of people, including large and tough-looking men, sobbing in the streets reminded me of how I felt at the time of Diana's death. For us it happened during the day, and I was reading in another room while friends watched TV. When they said Diana had been hurt in an accident, I was mildly interested but went back to my book. Then when they said she was dead, I just said, "What will all the women's magazines write about now?" A few days later, faced with the huge outpouring of public grief, I wondered if there was something wrong with me that I couldn't understand it or feel it. I egret anyone's death, but I didn't mourn her. After all, I didn't know her.

I also bought some cheap books, all SF and including a collection of Ursula Le Guin short stories. I'm still reading Ransome though. :-)

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